The Different Types of Projectors

Projectors are now considered as the best media to share information through presentations. To cater to different needs of the people different types of Projectors are available in the market with advanced features. The different types of projectors are:

(Desktop Projectors): these projectors are handy and portable. As the name indicates it can fit on the desktop. A good quality desktop projector has superb features with changeable lenses, zoom capabilities, stereo sound and high definition pictures.

(Home theatre projectors): this projector comes with digital units that can be connected to all the audiovisual units at home. They are portable and have the features of S-video, composite connectors, component and built in speaker.

(Overhead Projectors): this projector is most popular and best too to display projected images. The portable one are made use in schools and business purpose.

(Installation Projectors): these projectors are made use of showing images in large venues like conference halls, museums and auditoriums. They are remarkable with its capability to project an image up to 25 feet. A good installation projector features zoom capabilities, high resolution reproduction, interchangeable lens capabilities, tilt features, stereo speakers, a quiet cooling fan, onscreen display, a remote control and mouse.

(Slide projectors): they are very popular since few decades and are still in use. They are popular devices that project photographic slides. While, the latest version in slide projectors come with a pop up screen for instant portable viewing.

(Opaque Projectors): they are the oldest type designed to be used as an artist's enlarging device. This projector helped the artists to trace the projected images and transferred it into the canvas.

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